Events for guests and neighbours

Seaside feeling

A hint of modern dolce vita, a carefree breath of fresh air and the feeling that everything is going just right: Life at Giardino Lago is easy. And, in addition to the lake view, there are plenty of things to help you quickly forget everyday life. A drink in hand, a view of the lake and not a care in the world – you don’t need a lot to create a happy moment. All events can be found below or are available to download here:  Giardino Lago – summer events.

Sensational meetings, incentives and events

An experience that brings results

Work and leisure time don’t usually go hand in hand. They move at different paces, have different objectives and most notably place different demands on us. In the right conditions, however, a surprisingly harmonious relationship can be struck up between the two.

Although the horizon over Lago Maggiore is not endless, the same cannot be said for the options offered by Giardino Lago. The small Palazzo moderno only has 15 rooms, which makes it easy to block out for your team or company. What’s more, there are also a great many exclusive features for you to enjoy here – the huge Roof Lounge offers you the space to develop ideas, the view over the lake will clear your mind, and the restaurant and its cuisine will ease any worries you may have. This is how work should be.

Block bookings are also possible for Giardino Lago.

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Weddings with a view

You bet I do!

A wedding can be so much more than a glittering celebration – in the best case, it will become a precious piece of personal history. From the flower decorations to the wedding dress, from the music to the cake – every detail reflects the individual character of the bridal couple. At the Atlantis by Giardino this character is the main focus. Be it in detail, the decor, the service and the cuisine, everything expresses the wishes of the hosts. For a festivity that is exactly as distinctive as its guests.

The Giardino Lago is ideal for an exclusive booking with ist 15 rooms, restaurant, terrace and roof lounge.

T +41 91 786 95 95