Lake views and serenity

A jewel directly on the shores of Lago Maggiore

If Lago Maggiore were a sea, Giardino Lago would be an island. Water wherever you look, casual ease and an airy style make it an outstanding location. Situated directly on the lake and not far from the centre of Locarno, this hotel with its own restaurant provides a retreat for modern travellers. On the large terraces surrounded by Ticino’s mountains, visitors escape the rigours of everyday life as if by magic. Together with the modern, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, guests simply have everything they need. A real personal retreat that combines old and new.

In 2018, Giardino Lago was named as one of the “most beautiful country hotels” by the GEO Saison magazine.
In 2019, Restaurant Lago received a  «Bib Gourmand» from Guide Michelin.



Events for guests and neighbours

Seaside feeling

A hint of modern dolce vita, a carefree breath of fresh air and the feeling that everything is going just right: Life at Giardino Lago is easy. And, in addition to the lake view, there are plenty of things to help you quickly forget everyday life. A drink in hand, a view of the lake and not a care in the world – you don’t need a lot to create a happy moment. All events can be found below or are available to download here:  Giardino Lago – summer events.

Feel-good tips

Offers and packages

It’s the little things in life that make all the difference – those finishing touches that set the mood, put a smile on your face and bring joy to everyone around. And since making people happy is an essential component of Mediterranean hospitality, Giardino Lago always has a few little surprises in store for its guests – even before their arrival.


So much style and elegance. Yet you might think you’re visiting an old friend, thanks to the wonderful staff.

Geo Saison 2018

Giardino magazine

The Summer Issue 2018

A picture is often worth more than a thousand words – but pictures don’t tell us the stories behind them or where the inspiration came from, and, above all, they don’t give anyone a chance to have their say. In the Giardino magazine, we give both pictures and words free rein to reveal the charm and character of what lies in store. The highlights of this summer:

I love Switzerland – let Giardino show you what makes travelling worthwhile
Back to rhythm – true relaxation with Ayurveda
Cool pool – more than just a rectangular body of water
Behind the stars – what Ecco’s Rolf Fliegauf serves at home
And … action! – What’s so special about the Locarno International Film Festival


Giardino Group

Casual luxury

“Giardino” is Italian and means garden. Intense, diverse and imbued with natural perfection. A place of regeneration where every detail deserves its own moment. The Giardino retreats and resorts are just like this garden and offer an unexpectedly fresh interpretation of luxury hotels and creative cuisine. They all bring together an informal atmosphere, a high standard of service and a design that is full of character to create a haven of the Mediterranean spirit – whether in sunny Ticino, the airy heights of the Alps or an urban setting. Giardino combines all the most attractive aspects of Switzerland with a generous helping of sunny hospitality.